M3’s Amazing Turf Products

Here at M3, we believe it is absolutely necessary to have the best, most noteworthy products for our customers to enjoy. After all, your properties deserve the absolute best with regards to turf grass and related services. M3 always strives to put the best grass in our customer’s properties, and we believe our proven track record is a huge testament to this!

For these reasons, let’s take a look at the high-qualities turf grass products we carry, here at M3.

M3 Putting Green

Having a high-quality putting green to play golf on is absolutely vital for the golf savvy property owner. With M3, we supply the best, most stable putting green in West Palm Beach, and well as the rest of Florida. Our putting surface is non-infill, thus having rubberized backing to ensure massive amounts of stability for its putting players to enjoy. (add availability, sizes, etc.)

M3 Golf Turf

Our driving and teeing range turf is also available for the passion filled golfers and property owners to enjoy. It comes in (add sizes and availability, etc.) and is a great choice to fill driving ranges and courses alike!

M3 Pet Turf

This multipurpose turf is some of the most durable around! It can easily help disguise pet urine and other unpleasant blemishes which affect regular, natural grass. Here at M3, we supply the best available in Florida and we are sure your pets will love it as well! It comes in (add sizes available, etc.)

M3 Sports Grass

This is the top of the line, polyethylene fiber that sports teams are made of. It can be used in High school levels, college and university level, and also Professional sports teams as well. It is of the highest quality available, thus allowing your sport fields to shine! It comes in (add sizes available, etc.)

M3 Fescue Sports Grass

This is the best sports grass you can find. Made of micron polyethylene, it is typically set in a professional stadium, thus giving off the best look and feel possible. It comes in (add sizes, etc.)

M3 50

This grass is an absolutely wonderful substitute for lawn grass! It gives off the vivid, beautiful appearance of freshly cut lawn grass. It can add a fantastic touch to your property, and also save some maintenance cost and required work as well. Also know that it comes in many different colors and sizes, thus giving you the best choice possible for your land! (add sizes, availability, etc.)


We also supply the best mulch assortments in Texas! Our mulches come in a great variety of colors.

We carry:

  • Red Mulch
  • Blue Mulch
  • Cypress Mulch
  • Uncolored Mulch Types
  • Silver Mulch
  • Green Mulch
  • Plus way more!

When you are ready to give us a call, reach us at:

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We will truly help you will all of your turf grass installation and service needs!

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